Video Games and Their Impact on Society

We frequently encounter various computer games, video games, puzzles, card games and many more things on the internet. These games can be downloaded free of cost or can be purchased through the web sites. A game is basically a structured form of gaming, usually undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times also used as a teaching tool. Games are quite different from work, which generally is undertaken for remuneration; and from literature, which is mostly an expression of artistic or philosophical thoughts. A game such as Tetris, which does not require any prior knowledge of the game in order to enjoy it, is an example of a work of entertainment.

A game definition generally refers to the rules that govern the set up of the particular game. Generally a game consists of objects falling from above or coming from below, the goal being to drop the objects into the hole at the bottom. The fall of the objects can be controlled by the use of a keyboard, mouse or joystick and these devices may be attached to personal computers or gaming consoles. Game Definition has become an important subject with a constantly increasing number of related sites being launched every day.

There are many different approaches that the experts have taken to define games. For example, one group suggests that a game is defined by its successful recreation of an activity, while another group defines games as a kind of recreational activity. This group further suggests that a game can also be defined as a cultural phenomenon. Another eminent group of experts maintains that a game can be defined as a tool or a technique used for communication.

A number of academicians feel that a game definition should be taken as a whole instead of separately and critically examined on each and every ground. A number of reviews on games have been published, giving a detailed account on various game definitions. However, many critics opine that all of these reviews do not offer an accurate account. These critics point out that the crux of the game definition is a comparative study of the different games and the features that differentiate them. In other words, to define a game is to identify its most significant attribute and then examine how it differs from other games. This comparative analysis will in turn help us to identify what makes a game unique.

The major problem with making definitions is that it requires knowledge of different aspects of human behavior. While some cultural context may be known and some attributes of games may be common in some cultures, others may be unknown. This means that to arrive at generalizations about any category of games, it is important to make generalizations about all possible categories of games and then analyze them on the basis of the characteristics that differentiate each one.

This year, researchers are also looking at video games as a genre, taking into account its social impact and influence in the future. The use of videogames in education has also been an area of increasing interest among game scholars and researchers. Video games can help to develop a variety of necessary skills in school subjects such as math and reading. The influence of video games has been a cause for concern among educational experts and educators. This poses a challenge to those making definitions in the field of game studies and to those who wish to define the genre itself.