The Main Article on Board Games

Many people believe that games are some unique entity unto themselves. What they mean by this is that believe there is a certain notion that would only call “video game”, which is something completely different from the traditional big blanket term used in the computer game world. Basically, anything interactive, digital, and utilized as entertainment gets labeled a game.

One could easily create a chart of every single type of game ever created, past and present, to determine which ones fall under each broad genre. For instance, the first category, which is “itures and Games: Chess”, contains many games including Chess, Scrabble, and Candyland. All of these are board games that incorporate some element of interaction and typically reward tactical thought. Another example would be, Monopoly, and Risk. These are not necessarily games, but board games within a larger genre of ownership, such as real estate, franchise businesses, etc…

Another type would be “games involving objects”. This encompasses board games like Candyland, or even Chess. Now, Candyland and Chess have very specific pieces that need to be moved around the board, while Chess relies on thinking ahead and playing your opponent. The point being, that all of these games involve some sort of interaction, and most of them do.

The final main article in this series will be “board games with real life figurines”. This would include popular games like Cayuglass, Candyland, and even Beethoven. Again, all of these use tokens, and require players to strategize, as well as interact with these small objects. The main difference is that, in board games with real life figurines, players have to actually touch the figurine to make contact with it, whereas, in most other cases, they just have to look at it.

Hopefully by now you have a better understanding as to the different types of board games out there. This article has only covered a few of the main categories, so in future articles, we will explore a few more. In this main article, though, we have discussed the major genres within this broad genre.

Video games use many of the same systems of rules, however, they often go about them in a slightly different manner. For example, one of the most popular games in history, Mario, utilizes the Mario bros. Therefore, one major category of games use similar rules as their main competition. If you are looking for a fun family activity that kids can play together, board games like Candyland, Cayuglass, and even Beethoven are great options. If you are looking for a challenging, yet engaging board game, then board games like Chess, Candyland, and Risk are the perfect option for you.