Definition of Sports

Sports is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world. It attracts millions of viewers from all over the world. There are four major sports in this sector and they are soccer, American football, Australian football, and motor sports. A number of international and domestic sports competitions are held in different countries and continents. Most of these games are organized by professional associations. Some of these international sports competitions are the Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer tournaments, and the World Rugby cup tournaments.

Sports have been known to be a physical and mental activity. It enhances the physical and mental state of the athletes. Sports involve a variety of physical and mental activities. It helps to improve the skills and enhance the confidence level of the person participating in the sport. Sportsmanship is one of the major values imparted by sports to its participants.

As far as the physical fitness of an athlete is concerned, there are continuous growth and development in this field. There are many advantages of sports, as far as physical fitness is concerned. Sports provide a definite physical fitness test. There is no such element of uncertainty or risk in sports. Athletes who play sports can expect to experience high levels of motivation, endurance, strength and agility.

The definition of sport can be broadly divided into two divisions-the sportive activities involving physical exertion of the body and the competitive activity involving actual competition of the body with other human beings. The sportspeople try to achieve perfection in the performance of the given sports event. In case of competitions, the competitors try to outdo each other in a sporting activity or event.

Sports play a great role in enhancing the individual’s level of personal satisfaction. Sports have been known to contribute positively to the mental, physical and emotional well being of individuals. There are various sports which help in improving one’s vision, coordination, hand to eye coordination, stamina, flexibility and body control and motor skills. Some common sports that one can choose to play include racquetball, hockey, tennis, badminton, cricket, field hockey, swimming and soccer. All these sports are known to provide participants with a great physical activity and also with fun and enjoyment.

Many people confuse the word sport with the word game. However, the distinction between the two is that sport refers to a particular physical activity undertaken for the accomplishment of some definite goal. On the other hand, game pertains to an interaction of the human beings in a competitive situation. A sport can either be played actively by individuals or by the teams. Sports are mostly associated with competitive games like American football, ice skating, baseball, rugby and American football. In addition to the above-mentioned popular sports activities, there are numerous other games that are categorized as sports.